Ita Drew


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Mixed Media Ceramic Artist



Ita Drew created this exiting exhibition later last year. At Llantarnm Grange Arts Centre Abigivenny.


The idea and inspiration for this ongoing project was sparked off when Drew came across a interesting documentary. This documentry was about the Tunguska event of 1908, and the intrigue by scientits and discussions based around this extroadinary event. Thre are many unsolved mysteries in the world and this was one of them that Drew found her self drawn to.


The Tunguska event was explosion that took place within the Siberian forest. It created a tremor that went around the earth twice, it blew over 800 trees and created three days of darkness. This epic happening and the beliefs of the enigamtic tribe the "Evenki" witnessed the event first hand, would prove to plant a seed into Drews mind and give her an idea for a story.

Falling in love with the Evenki rituals and belief systems Drew began to fabricate her own story, legend that would describe the Tunguska event.

Honing in on old story's that exist within the Evenki and combining them with the unexplained realities of the event. This all became a source to fabricate and create Drew's own mythology.

Drew's ceramics and two dimensional work will take you in to the mind of the story and thrill your imagination, leaving you wanting to know more as she continues to write the legend of Tunguska.







Evenki tribes girl (Omi) .jpg

For all inqueries on sizes and price please contact the artist. Fgures are life size and many of the works have been made in combinations of Ceramic, Carved wood and resins.